Zoltan Fejes
Lead Producer, Certified ScrumMaster®
with Next-Gen, Mobile, Publishing and Certification Experience


Deliver high quality games on time and budget
from inception to Retail

8 years of experience in game development and production spanning multiple commercially successful games. Winner of LEGO and SCEE digital game design competitions. Holds MSc in Software Development and Production from Abertay University.

Creative direction and overall ownership in the development, production, submission and publishing process of console, PC and mobile games. Lead small and large team cross studios in a milestone driven environment.


UDK, CryEngine, Unity
Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop
Design, Prototype


Agile, Scrum, Kanban
JIRA, Confluence, Perforce
Excel, MS Project
Schedule, Forecast, Budget


Apollo, TPRnet, DEVnet
Age Rating Certificates
Wave request negotiations


Strange Brigade
Lead Producer
(Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

Project Lead



Zombie Army Trilogy
Sole Producer
(Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

TIGA Best Arcade Game award 2015 & ID@Xbox Mega Sale award 2016

Lead the project from inception to final store submissions.
Managed 40+ core team.
Established, maintained and delivered milestones on time.
Scheduled, organised and managed build submissions to 1st parties.

Successfully delivered gold masters to Microsoft, SCEA and SCEE on time and budget for World Wide digital and Retail release.

Rebellion, Sold Out


Sniper Elite: Zombie Army 2

Coordinated build deliveries.
Scheduled project localisation and QA testing.
Monitored performance and bug database.
Managed product distribution to retailers.

Sourced and verified store marketing materials.



Harmony Isle
Associate Producer
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Designed and optimised monetisation features.
Managed milestones and tracked backlog items.
Organised and managed build submissions to Apple, Google and Windows Stores.
Scheduled project localisation and QA testing.

Cooperated with in-house Analytics and PR department to increase retention, and KPIs.



Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
(XBOX 360, PS3, Wii)

Managed day-to-day development issues, pro-actively identified, managed and mitigated project risks.
Central contact person and problem solver for a 16-person cross functional team.
Mentored, and trained staff in area of specialities through written documents, one-on-one meetings, and group presentations.

Designed, prototyped and implemented boss battles using LUA scripting

Disney, Blitz Games, Junction Point


Puss In Boots
(XBOX 360, PS3, Wii)

Game and level design on a range of areas across the title, including gameplay and mini-game prototypes.
Balanced Kinect gesture recognition.
Championed the Stagecoach Robbery level with a small cross functional team.

Successfully delivered one of the highest rated Kinect motion controlled game on the market.

DreamWorks, Blitz Games

Some smaller indie projects I had the pleasure working on.

Qube Wish - Designer (XNA)
Design and art direction in a two-man team, 10 weeks, 3D puzzle game.

Mount Dash - Designer (UDK)
Fourteen-man team, 10 weeks, competitive multiplayer. Dare to be Digital

Trap Inc. - Designer (UDK)
Project Lead in a six-man team, 10 weeks, 2-2 competitive multiplayer.



UT3: VCTF - Budapest
Make Something Unreal Contest 2008

Delusion - SCEE Design Winner
Won 1st prize in Cambridge

Hobby projects to furhter develop my skills.

Factotum CMS
Built on CodeIgniter framework. All-round CMS webshop system. Integrated payment gateways, message queuing, stock tracking and invoicing.
PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, Amazon AWS

IoT Node Server Alpha
Running on a Raspberry. A crude IoT dashboard served by Node JS + Express + Mongo DB + GChart + Socket IO + Serial + Nginx + PM2.

Po:tto:m Arduino RF Clone
This is a low power wireless Arduino compatible device based on the popular ATmega328p chip used in the Arduino-UNO. Designed in Eagle. Based on the popular Moteinos.



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